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Barbara Barningham is our Project Manager and Community Worker and is responsible for the various projects which are running on Hollin at the moment and those planned for the future.

Barbara is currently funded by Comic Relief and the European Regional Development Fund.  Her job is to help and encourage tenants and residents on the estate to become more involved in decision making, to help them find work and generally improve their circumstances whilst living on Hollin Estate.  Barbara is also a tenant on Hollin and does voluntary work relating to housing matters and is Chair of the Middleton Area Board.

Barbara has lots of hats to wear to do her job.  Some of them are as follows:

à         Chair of Hollin Sure Start Management Group.  This group is currently setting up as a business which will run the new Hollin Sure Start nursery which is due to open in January/February 2005.

à         Manager of the After School Club which will be starting at Hollin Primary School in January 2005.

à         Co-ordinator of the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy for Hollin.  This is a massive task wherein everyone on Hollin will be asked to give their opinions on the services which are being provided within the headings of Health, Crime, Education, Employment and Young People.  To do this Barbara and the NRS team for Hollin have done a questionnaire to cover all these areas and find out what people think.  Once the questionnaires have been received and evaluated some focus groups will be set up to look into problem areas more closely.  Eventually all the results will be taken back to the service providers such as the Police and Health Service, etc. to see how they can improve their services.

Hopefully, there will be some ‘quick wins’ money which can be spent on improving the area and looking at providing areas for young people to try and reduce youth nuisance and youth crime.

à         Is a member of the Employment and Training Group of the Major Investment Programme which is improving the RBH homes to ‘Decent Standard’.  This group looks at how many people are employed by the two major contractors to ensure that the Key Performance Indicators are met and as many people as possible are employed from the Rochdale area.  The group also looks at areas where there is a skills shortage and looks at ways to filling this gap.

à         Attends all Pre-contract and Progress meetings regarding the work which is being carried out on all Council properties in the Hollin area to ensure that all complaints are dealt with and that the work is carried out to an excellent standard.

à         Works with the Youth Link team who are based in the HEMB office.  This is a team of three who provide one-to-one mentoring for young people from year 11 at school to 19 years old.  – A Youth Link page will be set up soon giving more details about this service.

à         Is a member of the Sure Start Partnership. 

à         Is a Director of Streetcred.  Streetcred is a Boroughwide Credit Union and is growing on a daily basis.

à         Is a Director of Real Deal.  This is an employment agency with a special leaning towards training.  This business (which is now a registered charity) has been running for a couple of years and is a prize winning company.  It has helped many people find full-time permanent employment through training and temporary work.

à         Whenever she has some spare time (!) Barbara also helps people who are looking for employment.  She will help with writing CVs and completing application forms as well as helping with interview techniques and job search.


Projects on Hollin


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